Quotes About Mumbai

Mumbai City is full of Stories and its not just a city but it is a feeling!! Because being a Mumbaikars is not an easy job. The city is full of dreams. Millions of people love and live in this city every day. A city that never sleeps, a land with a spirit of gold and residents with a never say die attitude – Mumbai has hypnotized millions world over.

All Mumbaikars say that there is no place like Mumbai and there are many reasons that make them fall for their city over and over again. Here we going to share some amazing and beautiful “Quotes About Mumbai”

Quotes About Mumbai

1. “Mumbai will kick you. hurt you. make you fall before giving you the opportunity to get up and say, Enough of getting ass-kicked, its time to kick some asses”

2. “Mumbai is like a giant piece of soul. Every time a new person comes to Mumbai and attach oneself to this city regardless of wherever you go after that, it travels with you, enriching you.”

3. “Mumbai offers you Marine Drive to calm your monstrous soul after a breakup.”

4. “Once you lived in Mumbai no other city is good enough”

5. ” The first thing I noticed about Bombay, on that first day, was the smell of different air. It’s the smell of gods, demons, empires, and civilization in resurrection and decay. It’s the blue skin-smell of the sea, No matter where you are in the Island city, and the blood -metal smell of machines.”- Gregory David Roberts

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6. “Experience mansion in Mumbai and you will never feel like going to any other place in the world”

7. “This is not India. There are people here from every part of India, But Bombay isn’t India. Bombay is an own-world, A world in itself. The real India is out there.”

8. “Mumbai is like Manhattan. There’s a certain pace, social life, and the trill of professional life.” – Madhuri Dixit

9. “Mumbai’s INFECTIOUS. Once you start living in Mumbai, I don’t think you can live anywhere else.” – Yash Chopra

10. ” In a city where anything and everything can change…the sea is constant”

11. “Whatever your profession is, work your ass off because there are a thousand others putting in their 100% to get ahead.”

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12. ” You come here to make your career and end up making your life”

13. “It’s not so much what you learn about Mumbai, It’s what you learn about yourself, really. It’s a funny old hippie thing, but it’s true as well. You find out a lot about yourself and your tolerance, and about your inclusiveness.” – Danny Boyle

14. “City whose heartbeats no matter the number of heart attacks!”

15. “More dreams are realized and extinguished in Mumbai than any other place in India.”

16. “You can’t live in this city, this city lives in you.”

17. “The choking humidity makes amphibians of us all, in Mumbai, breathing water in air; you learn to live with it, and you learn to like it, or you leave.”

18. “In the city, every deserted street corner conceals a crowd. It appears in a minute when something disrupts the way in which the world is supposed to work. It can disappear almost as instantaneously.”

19. .”I do think of Mumbai as my hometown. Those are the streets I walked when I was learning to walk. And it’s the place that my imagination has returned to more than anywhere else.”

20. “You come. You see. It conquers.”

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